Groundbreaking energy storage technology

When there is a mismatch between energy production and demand, energy needs to be balanced. Energy is stored when demand is low and production is high. This excess is then used when energy is in high demand.

  1. How our energy storage technology works
  2. Why Ligna?
  3. Clean, modular design

How our
energy storage technology works

What this means? Ligna’s risk level is low and we are fast to develop. Our solution is even simpler than already proven ones. Plus, Ligna Energy owns the IPR necessary to protect the technology.

modular design

Most battery systems are modular by nature. The cells are highly standardized. By combining the right number of cells in a battery pack, these are then installed in a rack or a container – depending on application. Ligna’s contribution is the design and production of battery packs – with all their content. Simplicity is our leading design principle. We rely on collaboration with system suppliers – providing the integration to the energy source and the grid – via e.g inverters, overall battery management system and installation.

Focus on stationary applications

The drawbacks of Ligna Energy’s technology are space and weight for the storage, because of the lower energy density of the included bio-materials. This is acceptable in most stationary applications and why we focus on stationary applications where this is not a major obstacle.

Large scale
stationary energy storage

Ligna Energy products address stationary storage with a turnover rate below two weeks.

This includes for example residential solar energy storage and car charging stations. It also includes various grid applications, for example for frequency control, solar field storage and wind energy storage.

Residential Solar Systems

Balancing local supply/demand.

  • Power tariff reduction
  • Managing grid cut off
  • Enabler to off-grid operation

Application partners

PPAM SolkraftSanktkors
EV Fast Charge Stations

Enabling vehicle fast charging with limited use of grid power.

  • Power tariff reduction
  • Enabler to deliver at all

Application partners

Grid Frequency Control

Reducing frequency variation in the fossil free grid.

  • Supply quality promise
  • Penalties prevention

Application partners

VattenfallTekniska Verken

What makes us

Ligna Energy holds a unique composition and preparation of electrode materials. We combine these with a designed water-based electrolyte and a matching of all components of the cell to a balanced stable system.

All decisions we make are aligned with our vision statement. This means development is strongly connected to cost-focused materials and design, as well as to scalability, safety and sustainability.

By being first in the world with this technology, as well as our tight collaboration and co-location with the competence center at Laboratory of Organic Electronics, we can address the heavily growing storage market.

Cost awareness by selective re-use. We know that cost is customer crucial. For us this means re-use of production technology, production automation and raw materials.

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