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Ligna Energy was founded in 2017, as a result of a decade of research at Linköping University. The team is dedicated to innovate and develop energy storage solutions utilizing materials from nature. The team has also had a strong interaction with applications in the printed electronics area through the collaboration with RISE and the printed electronics arena in Norrköping.

Ligna Energy is continuing its collaboration with LOE – Linköpings Universitets Laboratory of Organic Electronics, and RISE, in order to maximize the knowledge level and to utilize the stream of competences coming from this highly innovative environment.

The Ligna Energy

Peter Ringstad


Jakob Backe

Anders Hägerström
Product Validation Manager

Ujwala Ail
Principal Scientist

John Söderström
Marketing Director


Hedra Yalman
Lab Engineer

David Milton
Sales Director


Christian Brox-Nilsen
Production Engineer

Arvid Bläser
Product Integration

The Ligna Energy Board

Hans Hentzell, COB
Strategy and business development

PhD with a long experience as CEO and COB. Has and have had multiple board member positions in Swedish high-tech industry, institutes and companies.

Leif Ljunqvist
Strategy and Economics

CEO at ChromoGenics. Multiple former CEO and board member positions in Swedish high-tech industry and institutes.

Ulf Troedsson
Business development and Industry network

Many years of experience and contact network in the industry and energy sector, through his former CEO role at Siemens nordic. Is currently a consultant in large projects and has Multiple board member positions.

Mattias Josephson
Strategy and Company development

VP Business Development and former CEO of Epishine. Entrepreneur driving establishment of multiple start-up companies. Holds multiple COB and Board member positions.

Mari Broman
Strategy and Real estate applications

Wide experience from many years of leading positions in the real estate and society development sector, for example as executive vice president at Riksbyggen. Multiple board member positions.

Magnus Wikström
Funding, Supply and Business development

Has more than 15 years of senior management in the global forest and packaging industry. Leadership responsibilities for R&D, innovation, business development, investment planning and M&A and venture projects.

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