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Our Story

Ligna Energy was founded in 2017, as a result of a decade of research at Linköping University. The team is dedicated to innovative materials for organic materials and development of solutions utilizing materials from nature. The team has also had a strong interaction with applications in the printed electronics area through the collaboration with RISE and the printed electronics arena in Norrköping.

Ligna Energy is continuing its collaboration with LOE – Linköpings Universitets Laboratory of Organic Electronics, and RISE, in order to maximize the knowledge level and to utilize the stream of competences coming from this highly innovative environment.

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Ligna Energy

Peter Ringstad


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Hans Hentzell, COB

Strategy and business development

PhD with a long experience as CEO and COB. Has and have had multiple board member positions in Swedish high-tech industry, institutes and companies.

Magnus Berggren

Science and Innovation

Professor and research leader at Laboratory of Organic electronics (at LiU), member of Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. Co-founder of multiple companies originating from the research at LOE, including Ligna Energy.

Leif Ljunqvist

Strategy and Economics

COB of Ynvisible production. Multiple former CEO and board member positions in Swedish high-tech industry and institutes.

Anders Engström

Research institute network

Representing RISE, Multiple board member positions.

Mattias Josephson

Strategy and Company development

CEO of Epishine, Entrepreneur driving establishment of multiple start-up companies. Holds multiple COB and Board member positions.

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Ligna Energy

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